Packages that meet strict military specifications are needed to transport military products within the continental U.S. and abroad.

Our military packaging services ensure that military industry products, including hazardous materials, securely reach their final destination.

Since 1966, Mil-Spec Packaging of Georgia has provided full-service packaging solutions and containerization services that meet military specifications to the armed forces, government agencies, and private contractors. As a trusted partner of the U.S. military, we’re proud to help private companies and public authorities alike manage their packaging challenges with the finest contract military packaging solutions in the industry.

Materials and Capabilities

Mil-Spec’s corps of expert engineers and consultants work directly with our customers to devise packaging strategies are tailored to the customer’s requirements. Our inventory includes standard and military packaging materials, including corrugated boxes, fast packs, wooden crates, bags, barrier packaging material, polyurethane and polyethylene foam, and bubble wrap.

We also maintain a large inventory of stock sheet grades used in military-specific custom corrugated packaging, including military/weatherized grade materials such as W5C, V3C, and Triple Wall. Unlike most sheet plants, we stockpile all of these essential materials at our manufacturing plant to ensure that they’re available whenever a customer needs them.


Military Packaging Services

Mil-Spec is pleased to offer a full suite of award-winning product fulfillment services to all of our customers. Guided by our commitment to customer service, our experienced military packaging specialists and dedicated customer service staff can guide you through every stage of fulfillment, from fielding the initial inquiry to arranging the final delivery.

As a recognized leader in contract packaging, Mil-Spec has forged strong working relationships with major logistics companies worldwide. Thanks to this extensive supporting network, we can easily handle an array of essential services, including individual and bulk storage, warehousing and shipping services, containerization services, inventory management, contract packaging, shipment tracking, rate shopping, shipping tenders, and onsite crating and shipping services. We work with renowned testing labs across the country to ensure that our military packaging services and products meet the strictest industry standards.

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Mil-Spec Packaging has worked with the U.S. military for over half a century. Over the years, we’ve provided military-spec packaging for computer equipment and parts, servers, aircraft and aerospace parts, and firearms and munitions. No matter what product you’re shipping, we’re sure to have a solution that helps you simplify your military packaging strategies and streamline your fulfillment processes. Request a quote today to learn more about how we can assist with your military industry needs.