Mil-Spec Packaging offers Hardy-Built® Mil-Spec fasteners and hardware for use in manufactured shipping and knockdown containers including boxes, cases, wood crates, and bins. The Hardy-Built® Fastening System is an engineered device that attaches to container panels/bases and forms a container when assembled. These military spec fasteners feature advantages like strength, durability, quick assembly, and maximum repeat usage without causing damage to the knockdown container. Whether your applications are electronics, avionics, computers, medical equipment, high-tech industrial or low-tech hardware, these military spec fasteners will transfer your materials efficiently, safely, and securely.

The containers are normally a total knock-down variety or manufactured modular where only an end, side, or lid is capable of being removed. Mil-spec hardware and fasteners are designed for use with all types of knockdown container materials:

  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • OSB
  • Recycled or virgin plastic
  • Particleboard
  • Metal

Virtually any thickness material fits the mil-spec fastener system. Easily assembled and disassembled, the military spec fastener system for knockdown containers is mounted and secured by one to two people in an easy, four-step process.

HBS-II-7 (Angle Bracket)

NSN 5340-01-422-8615

HBS-1-R (Raised Corner)

NSN 5340-01-422-7876

HBS-III-R (Strike Catch)

NSN 5340-01-422-8042

HBS-IV-S (Spring Clip)

NSN 5340-01-422-8029

HBS-XI (Retaining Angle)

NSN 5340-01-422-7870


  • Rapid assembly
  • Rapid removal of panel for contents inspection
  • Rugged construction for shipments in a range of sizes
  • Offers support for a complete range of cargo contents including solid, bulk, liquid, or fragile
  • Its knockdown capability maximizes storage space
  • Strong stacking strength to maximize stacking height capabilities
  • Reusable and returnable, helping to preserve budget and transport cost
  • Environmentally responsible and sustainable
  • Military-spec fastener and hardware parts are zinc-plated for corrosion protection

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Re-usable, easy to use, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective, the Hardy-Built® mil-spec fastener system is adaptable to any industry. Virtually any thickness material fits the mil-spec fastener system. Contact us for more information on custom Hardy Built military spec fasteners and hardware.