Manufacturers need reliable commercial packaging solutions to ensure their products reach customers safely, regardless of where they’re located.

Since 1966, Mil-Spec Packaging of Georgia has been a proven leader in the contract packaging industry. We specialize in full-service packaging solutions that meet commercial, industrial, and military specifications, as well as export packaging and containerization services. Over the years, we’ve become a trusted partner of companies of every size, providing all of our customers with prompt and detail-oriented service that suits their professional and personal needs.

Commercial Packaging Materials and CapabilitiesCommercial Packaging Services

Mil-Spec Packaging offers a complete array of commercial packaging solutions, including wooden boxes and crates, shipping crates, specialty boxes, shock mounted skids and hoods, standard and special pallets, and packaging design that meet both industry standards and military specifications. We also supply customers with protective cushioning and foam, including cellulose cladding, foam cushioning, bubble wrap, bound fiber, vermiculite, and volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging and bags. Our commercial packaging materials are available in all size and weight classes, and we can even convert or cut corrugated sheets into premium corrugated packaging if necessary.

If our stock commercial packaging products don’t meet your specific requirements, our expert engineers and consultants can work with you to create a customized solution. If you provide us with the desired specifications, we can recommend a specific material and type and, if needed, construct a prototype for you before we produce it.


Mil-Spec Packaging is proud to offer a full suite of supporting commercial packaging services to all our customers. Our talented team of packaging specialists and dedicated customer service staff are ready to assist at every step, from fielding the initial inquiry to arranging the final delivery.

Thanks to our nationwide sales, service, and distribution network, Mil-Spec Packaging offers all customers our award-winning product fulfillment services. Backed by our own fleet of trucks and longstanding partnerships with major logistics companies worldwide, we handle individual and bulk storage, warehousing and shipping services, inventory management, contract packaging, shipment tracking, rate shopping, shipping tenders, and onsite crating and shipping services. We work with renowned testing labs across the country to ensure that our commercial packaging services and products meet the strictest industry standards.

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For over five decades, Mil-Spec Packaging has helped companies of every size meet or exceed their packaging requirements. Guided by our painstaking commitment to efficiency, we stand ready to help any customer develop reliable and creative solutions to their packaging challenges. Request a quote today to learn more about how we can help you manage your commercial shipping and packaging needs.