Here at Mil-Spec Packaging, we’ve made a name for ourselves creating top-quality customized shipping solutions for a huge range of industries and applications.

We understand that businesses are constantly searching for ways to increase their bottom lines without compromising quality or service, and we’re proud to serve as a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ unique and custom shipping and packaging needs.

No job is too small or too big for our team; Mil-Spec Packaging offers expert industrial packaging solutions for everything from mom-and-pop machine shops to large companies working with the railroad industry. Our packaging capabilities ensure that your cargo quickly and safely arrives at its destination, no matter how unusual or complex the situation.

Packaging Options

Our in-stock and custom industrial packaging capabilities can meet all of your industrial packaging and shipping needs. To ensure optimal expediency, we keep a wide range of custom product packaging solutions on hand at all times, including barrier materials, bound fiber, bubble and cellulose wrap, corrugated boxes and sheets, foam cushioning, folding chipboard, pallets, paper tubes, stretch wrap, tape, and Vermiculite.

We also offer customized corrugated packaging and contract packaging, as well as crating, wooden shipping containers, and military-specification containers tailored to clients’ exact specifications. Mil-Spec Packaging prepares and ships a range of different items, such as mining and railroad components, machinery and machine shop equipment, batteries, bearings and gears, mini pulp mills, transmissions and engines, computer equipment, and printing equipment.

Smaller items are typically packed in corrugated materials; larger items usually get wooden shipping crates. And many of our custom industrial packaging solutions, such as those used in the automotive industry, can be reused, helping to keep down costs in applications requiring many shipments back and forth. This reusability is possible for other industries as well but is usually most applicable to automotive applications.

We can also accommodate ASTM standards and meet specific foam specs, cushioning specs, and bag specs.


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Most of Mil-Spec Packaging’s customers are repeat, and for good reason. Our expert staff works closely with each customer to help determine the best industrial packaging solution for their specific shipping needs. And, if needed, we can provide comprehensive engineering and design assistance.

Since we’ve earned our clients’ trust over time, most of our customers just supply the part information, size, and weight, and we take over from there until the job is complete. Plus, our ability to handle every job in-house provides peace of mind that we’ll oversee every aspect of every project and ensure the lowest prices possible. And since we offer both corrugated and wood offerings, unlike most of our competitors, customers know they can turn to us for all of their critical packaging needs.

To learn more about how we can help with your industrial packaging application, request a quote from the team today.